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Created on 21 April, 2024 • 1 minutes read

Update 2.1.0 - 26th April, 2024

  • Enabled setting a default branded logo for all QR codes.
  • Added a feature to switch the default branded logo for QR codes based on plan settings.
  • Introduced a system for bulk creation of QR codes.
  • Enabled bulk download capability for QR code images.
  • Implemented bulk deletion feature for QR codes.
  • Incorporated the ability to configure First & Second alert for Event Types within QR codes.
  • Introduced customization options for foreground images and their transparency in QR codes.
  • Implemented the option to change the encoding of QR codes.
  • Introduced a new Short URL feature that automatically forwards query parameters to the destination.
  • Added functionality to generate UTM parameters easily with the Short URL feature.
  • Implemented automatic scanning for QR codes to determine readability.
  • Introduced bulk deletion capabilities for Custom Domains, Projects, Pixels, and Barcodes.
  • Enabled bulk download of barcode images.
  • Implemented Export to PDF functionality within the frontend app.

Update 2.0. - 21 April, 2024

  • Implemented a brand-new Barcode Generator System.
  • Introduced the Barcode Generator API for enhanced functionality.
  • Added support for PIX QR Code generator type.
  • Incorporated Barcode reader/scanner capability.
  • Enhanced speed through the implementation of caching for the dashboard page.
  • Added a statistics chart on the Links page for better data visualization.
  • Introduced a filter to search by Pixel ID on the Pixels page for improved organization.
  • Upgraded the QR Code reader to scan codes with device camera live.
  • Improved user experience by enabling removal of selected image files from all image input fields.
  • Conducted various visual consistency cleanups and code optimizations for smoother operation.
  • Fixed the QR Code deletion issue where the background was not being deleted properly.
  • Rectified the links tracking system to accurately track referrers when originating from the same domain.